Giveaway Win

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I won a giveaway on Pamela’s blog awhile ago — check out the awesome things she sent me!



She sent me loads of ephemera. If you check out her blog, you can drool over the variety of paper goods she picks up. San Francisco seems to be the place to be for finding the best collage materials. I’m super excited to start using these bits in collages! I love the yearbook pages; they are always my favorite.


Look at those rubber stamps. I need them all in my collection. Whenever I am looking for rubber stamps, I can never find any cool postal/mail art related ones. I guess I should do my rubber stamp shopping online. Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Giveaway Win

  1. Casey Rubber Stamps. I’ve only ogled at their massive catalog though.

    100 Proof Press and Viva Las Vegas Stamps have lots of fun designs. I’ve got a few of them in my collection.

    Lucky you winning all that ephemera! Looks like a bunch of fun stuff!


  2. Fun to see this — I forgot what I sent! And i always look for postal-themed rubber stamps — I have found loads of them (as you can see)


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