Mail Artist Spotlight: Emilie

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight

I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.

Emilie has been my pen pal since 2011. Our first letter exchanges were kind of funny — we decided to send each other a letter around the same time. I received a letter from her almost immediately after I sent something to her, and I thought it was a letter replying to my letter! My first thought was, “Damn! This girl is fast at replying.” Turns out, it was her first letter to me!

She is such an awesome pen pal, and so considerate. I’ve met her a few times in real life, when she was living in Massachusetts and I was in Rhode Island. We attended a type-out together, and shortly after that, she organized a letter writing social! Then, when I was driving across the country to move to Oregon, she invited my boyfriend & I to stay a night at her house in Illinois. I don’t think you could find a more welcoming person. To top it off, she always sends me the best things; like postage stamps! I literally gasped when I saw what she included in this letter.

Emilie has a fun blog that you should check out! On top of posting about mail, you can peek her pie adventures.

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