Mail Artist Spotlight: Mermeg

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight

I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.

Mermeg is the best! I don’t know how else to describe her. Her name is Megan but she loves mermaids so she goes by Mermeg in the post. She’s a rad chick living in Wisconsin and sends the best mail. Her collages are always fun, and she always includes something special with her letters. I feel like it’s Christmas every time I get a letter from her!

This is a special spotlight because I just hung out with Megan on New Year’s Day. We’ve hung out twice before but only for an hour or so each time. This time we got to hang out for hours! We had planned to check out SCRAP but they were closed due to the holiday. We headed up to Collage instead; a little bit pricer (ok, a lot) but it was open! We also watched Making Mail together and a bunch of mail art videos on YouTube. We yelled at the TV like we were watching our favorite sports team play. There really isn’t anything better than sharing your hobby with someone who is as passionate about it as you are. It was a blast and I’m so happy we had the chance to hang!

Megan doesn’t have a blog but you can check out her profile on Sendsomething! Send her some mermaids!!

Here is what I picked up at Collage!


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