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Remember my SCRAP Haul post from the other day? This is what I have been creating with some of the paints I purchased!

I’ve been obsessed with using paints as a background and just adding on top of it. This stationery started out as pages from a vintage encyclopedia I have. I used a makeup applicator sponge to apply different paint colors, as well as some alcohol inks. I realized I’m not too fond of alcohol inks so I’m trying to use up what I purchased years ago.


For the set above, I used my little diamond rubber stamp and a square stencil to add the shapes. To draw attention to some of the shapes, I outlined them with my white Gelly Roll pen and my black Uni-ball Vision pen. I really love that technique! Since I’m a big fan of collage, I also punched out some circles of an old map I had to add to the page. I really love the look of the brown paint I picked up; in the light, it has a bit of a metallic shine to it.


Of course I picked up some purple paint! Unfortunately a lot of the other colors I bought don’t go that well with it but I’m also a bit picky about what I color I pair with purple (I don’t know why!). I used basically the same elements for this set; paint, some rubber, stamps, alcohol inks, and outlining with pens! It’s a pretty solid way of doing things, if I say so myself. I’m really happy how these turned out and I’m excited to start writing letters on them!

One thing I really love about this technique is that it makes such a great background for everything! I did the same process for an envelope and then collaged on top of it. Most of it ended up being covered but the parts that were visible went so well with the collage! I think I will be stuck on this look for quite some time. It’s super quick and a lot of fun! I can’t wait to pick up some more paints to use. I really want some neon colors because I’ve been diggin really bright things lately.

8 thoughts on “Painting Stationery

    1. Haha, yeah, it would be a bit much to write on the collage! I did paint one of the printer papers purple and it was easy enough, and legible, to write on with a Uniball Vision pen.


  1. I love the effect you get from these. I always try to make my backgrounds great (and I’m probably thinking of something like what you’ve done) but they never come out the way I want.
    One thing I wonder– when you start writing a letter on your stationary, what kind of pen do you use? I sometimes find my writing isn’t legible unless I write really big or really thick (or both).


    1. Thank you! Paint is now my new go-to. It’s so fun to mess with, and it easily creates a neat looking background.

      I typically use a Uniball Vision pen, or a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen. The Uniball is my favorite because it’s inky enough to glide on the paper, and it has a fine point but it’s still rather thick. I really hate thin point pens, like those Micron pens. The Uniball and Sharpie are both really vibrant and pretty much stand out on any piece of paper (except for darker ones, obviously).

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