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Hooray for incoming mail! I kinda felt like I was drowning in mail this week, even though I only received a few letters. I didn’t have any motivation to reply to letters. I’m pretty sure my goal to reply to letters within a week of receiving them got thrown out the window. It’s not a huge thing, of course, because I am still replying in a fairly timely matter!

As of today, I am caught up on all replies! Although I haven’t checked the mail yet, so that could be a different story in a few hours. I hope to paint and collage few envelopes before I have any more letters to write! I always have a hard time being motivated to write a letter when I know I don’t have anything to send it off in. I have a pretty bad habit of writing letters and then not sending them for weeks. Oops!


9 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. How about I take some of your mail since I didn’t get one….single…thing…today! No Fun. I notice a few black Sharpie lines thru the stamps on those envlopes. Bad USPS!


    1. I definitely try to stay organized! My biggest problem is motivation. Some days I’d much rather bum around on the internet and watch Netflix than write a letter 😉


      1. sure, the feeling comes and goes just like anything else! i haven’t written anything in awhile, mostly just working on mail art, but i hope we can swap sometime! i do love to write!


  2. The letter-box is so cute with all the stamps! And I absolutely recognize the slight stress that creeps in when you get all your letters at once – I’m still playing catch up since Christmas! Thankfully I’ve answered all those now, but the ones that came in while I was answering my Christmas mail are still to some extent in limbo. I like to get my replies off within a week too – but sometimes life just won’t let that happen!


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