Vintage Postage Collection




I’ve been rummaging through my vintage postage collection. Some days I feel like I would have no problem just using it all up, putting stamps on each and every envelope I send out; other days, not so much. The collection is actually my father’s. While I do not have any connection to my father in any way, I feel like this collection was the first thing to spark my interest in mail as a child. These stamps don’t hold any special meaning to him. He was the type of person who bought collectibles and random things with the thought that they would be worth money some day. I have never intended on making money off of these stamps so why can’t I just use them? I think it’s because I just like looking through them.



There are so many different designs and themes. I love each and every stamp. I’ve actually added to the collection, over the years, with recent USPS issues that I absolutely love. Nothing beats a vintage design though. There are so many factors that go into the old stamps that make them much more special. I love the colors, the gummed backs, the fact that they aren’t glossy, the perforations, the texture; everything.




One of my favorite things about vintage stamps are the markings on a sheet of stamps. I don’t think I’ve seen any newer stamps with these kinds of markings (but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!). With the ones pictured, you can see the Mr. Zip character, which the USPS needs to bring back, the dinosaur, and some general information about the stamp. It almost seems like a lost cause to do this because most people will probably never see the markings. They are there until you rip the sheet apart and throw it away. I’m happy to have several sets of full sheet stamps. I don’t think I could ever part with them!



I remember being a kid and always begging my mom to bring out the box of stamps for me to look through. There was nothing better in the world to me than to look through all of these beauties! I don’t know if my mom ever official gave me the collection. I’m pretty sure I just claimed ownership of it, even before I started sending mail. I have no idea what attracted me so much to them, or to mail. Even as a child, I was adamant about being the only one to check the mailbox every day. If a letter from my grandparents arrived, I would have to be the one to open it.



13 thoughts on “Vintage Postage Collection

  1. Lovely lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. The whole sheets of stamps are marvelous. I know I could never part with those either. Also, I LOVE the Stamposaurus!!! on the selvage. So cool. Absentee fathers, good for something, eh?


    1. I really want to frame the whole sheets of postage. The dinosaur one I have been using just because my dad glued (oh, alcohol) it into a book so there is a big tear in the middle of it from when I took it out of the book.


  2. I like your post today. I understand it might be difficult to part with this beauties. I would have the same hesitations. But… what are the stamps made for? I think that maybe if you mail them to your beloved ones, it will continue bringing you brightness and happiness.


  3. Beautiful stamps. I have the sheet of the Postal Workers and I love it — I want to frame it and hang it up and look at it. It is pretty easy to buy face value old stamps so I think your father missed the mark on that but lucky for you — now you have a cool collection! i use most of mine but have saved some full sheets too…..


  4. such a beautiful post, tara! a love letter to your stamp collection! there’s just something about old ephemera that i’ve always been drawn to as well, so i really feel you re: the captivation, the details, everything! i always save the little selvage bits for use in collage, hehe


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