Mail Artist Spotlight: Alyssum and Mudhead

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.

To be honest, I have no idea who these people are. Alyssum and Mudhead sent me this envelope with a couple of drawings and a request for mail art about “seeing good magic”. I assume they found my address through my blog, since the envelope is addressed to Dactyl Life. No matter, I love surprises and mysteries when it comes to mail.


I really enjoy these strange drawings. They are different than what I usually receive in the mail and I love that. I’m much more a fan of the weird or unusual over this trend of “happy mail”. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything I get in the mail! This type of art just appeals to me a bit more.


So, I don’t know anything about these people but I did a bit of Googling (gotta love the internet) and found their blogs. Wherever you are, Alyssum and Mudhead, thank you for the mail! I am sending some good magic mail art your way soon.



Incoming, Mail


Hooray for incoming mail! I kinda felt like I was drowning in mail this week, even though I only received a few letters. I didn’t have any motivation to reply to letters. I’m pretty sure my goal to reply to letters within a week of receiving them got thrown out the window. It’s not a huge thing, of course, because I am still replying in a fairly timely matter!

As of today, I am caught up on all replies! Although I haven’t checked the mail yet, so that could be a different story in a few hours. I hope to paint and collage few envelopes before I have any more letters to write! I always have a hard time being motivated to write a letter when I know I don’t have anything to send it off in. I have a pretty bad habit of writing letters and then not sending them for weeks. Oops!