Exploring Seattle



Nathan and I headed up to Seattle over the weekend for a quick getaway. We planned to go up there after purchasing tickets to a Mariners game. Sports aren’t really my thing (at all) but I do love traveling and junk food. The game was on Sunday but we decided to hang out from Saturday until Tuesday. Nathan is from the area so we go up there pretty often but never for more than a day or two, and we don’t stay in the city proper. I’ve only been to Seattle once and only for a few hours. Needless to say, I was excited to explore and stay in the city.




We decided to take the Bolt bus into the city which was such a great decision. I don’t think I will ever opt to drive up there again. Naps, wifi, not having to worry about driving, and comfy seats. It was great! The bus stops in the International District which is full of really lovely, brick buildings and lots of things to do. We stayed in a swanky hotel, The Maxwell, near Seattle Center. The hotel had a bag of free popcorn (!!) in the room, super comfy robes, and an even comfier bed.




The game was a lot of fun! I’ve never been to a real baseball game before; Las Vegas doesn’t have Major League team. I had a bit of a panic attack being so high up and the guardrail being so shitty but we were in the second row, thankfully. Every time someone stood up in the first row, I had to close my eyes! There were some foul balls that flew our way. One even landed just a few rows behind us! I was pretty terrified that one was going to slam right into my face. I ate garlic fries, a burger and some cotton candy! It was a good time.

The entire trip was a blast. We walked a TON and it was so hot. I shot 3 rolls of film and did not bust out my digital camera once. The only digital pictures I have are the ones I took on my phone. I’m super happy about that; I’m really trying to get back into film. I’m way more passionate about it. I’ve never shot a photo with my digital camera that I have been proud of. I’m excited to get the film developed!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Seattle

  1. We saw a baseball game this Sunday when we went back to Maryland! I hate being up high too. I’m fine once we’re sitting down, unless I look across the stadium and see the people sitting at the same height as me… or see a bird flying at my height but way over the field! Terrifying!


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