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The majority of my pen pals are letter writing pals but Steph fits in a different category: mail art pal. I think she’s the only one (hmph! I need more). I received this amazing package awhile ago but it’s too good not to share. Steph has serious style. Like I-wish-I-could-be-her-style. Ok, maybe not that creepy. Specifically, her use of neon paints and bright colors is fantastic! She pulls everything together flawlessly. I don’t know how she does it! If you’re looking for eye-candy or inspiration, I definitely suggest giving her instagram a peek.



I can only imagine what her collection of images, ephemera, bits and bobs, scraps, and art supplies looks like. The various peeks she shares on instagram look overwhelming in the best way possible. Steph always sends a really great selection of papers and images. It’s always a treat getting mail from her!

2 thoughts on “incoming: steph d

  1. I am so happy you enjoy receiving my mail…I do have lots of fun sending things to you. I sometimes get so stressed and feel like a outcast because I don’t write letters or cute stories and that seems to be what everybody wants……but that’s just not how I communicate. So thank you for the nice comments and good vibes, Tera. 🙂

    (And if this is a double post, sorry. Seems like any time I comment from my phone it gets eaten.)


    1. Aw! I don’t like to hear that you get stressed out about not writing letters. I’ll take superb mail art over a pointless letter any day. Keep on doin’ you!


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