what i’m working on


2 - What Im Working On - Wednesday

I’ve been really big on making stickers lately. I recently purchased a refill for my little sticker machine and I love turning random papers into stickers. I also recently purchased a Gocco at a garage sale. It was a complete set, bulbs, paints and screens.

I decided to make some flora stickers using vintage illustrations in my collection. I picked a few images out of my handy filing cabinet and exposed them to the Gocco screen. I hear the screens are re-usable but I haven’t tested that theory yet. The Gocco makes things so easy and fun! I don’t have an actual printer (hello, 21st century, I might meet you some day) so it’s fun to be able to make reproductions of those illustrations the “old-fashioned” way. The Gocco is way easy to use but I still don’t quite understand what the blue filter does when you are exposing the screen.



I really like the way these turned out and put them up for sale in my shop! I think they would make nice little decorations on an envelope or even on some stationery. Who doesn’t want to stick mushrooms on everything?

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