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4 - Press Play - Movie Monday - Monday

It’s no secret that I spend most of my time watching everything on Netflix. Like, everything, you guys. I’m completely content with spending my downtime playing some random movie or TV show while working on mail or doing whatever. I once had a goal of watching everything on Netflix. An impossible goal, of course, and I immediately gave up on it when I realized they take things off on the regular. After that, I made it a point to finish whatever I started watching and rate it appropriately (I take my ratings very seriously). I gave up on that too. I’m not great at making goals or keeping them. I realized I don’t have to force myself to watch something awful. Who has time for that?

Since I watch a ton of things, I thought it might be fun to do a catalog of sorts. I don’t consider myself a movie critic by any means and I don’t actually enjoy reviewing anything but I thought it would be good to share whatever thoughts I might have about the things I watch!

TV Shows:
► It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The best
This is not a new watch for me, by any means. I’ve been watching this show since it first aired and fell in love with it then. I marathon this show often and my boyfriend and I quote it constantly. It’s my favorite thing ever to watch and I’ll never get bored of it.
► The Walking Dead – Yesssssssssssssssssss
You guys. I love this show. Love, love, love, love. I stayed up til midnight for at least a week trying to watch as many episodes as I could.
► How to Get Away with Murder – Guilty pleasure
This show is so ridiculous but in the best way possible. I absolutely love super dramatic TV shows and this does not disappoint. Plus, Viola Davis is amazing. I’ll watch any show Shonda Rhimes puts out.
► Z Nation – Ugh
While I didn’t hate this show enough to quit watching, it’s really bad. I needed more zombies in my life after my Walking Dead binge so I quickly finished the few episodes they have on Netflix.

► The Loft – Don’t do it
Seriously, don’t watch this movie. I don’t even know why I watched it.
► The Road Within – Awww
This movie was hilarious and incredibly charming. I love it! I didn’t realize it was a remake of a German film but now I really want to see the original. I now quote “it’s a behavioral exercise” on the regular.
► Philomena – Nothing special
I love Steve Coogan so I knew I had to watch this one! It had some funny bits and some serious bits but nothing too incredible and nothing that really stuck with me

2 thoughts on “press play: what i’m watching

  1. Ooh, The Road Within sounds good. I’ve really been enjoying the Great British Baking show on Netflix. It’s so much fun, and you know how I love baking. 🙂


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