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2 - What Im Working On - Wednesday

I’ve been really big on making stickers lately. I recently purchased a refill for my little sticker machine and I love turning random papers into stickers. I also recently purchased a Gocco at a garage sale. It was a complete set, bulbs, paints and screens.

I decided to make some flora stickers using vintage illustrations in my collection. I picked a few images out of my handy filing cabinet and exposed them to the Gocco screen. I hear the screens are re-usable but I haven’t tested that theory yet. The Gocco makes things so easy and fun! I don’t have an actual printer (hello, 21st century, I might meet you some day) so it’s fun to be able to make reproductions of those illustrations the “old-fashioned” way. The Gocco is way easy to use but I still don’t quite understand what the blue filter does when you are exposing the screen.



I really like the way these turned out and put them up for sale in my shop! I think they would make nice little decorations on an envelope or even on some stationery. Who doesn’t want to stick mushrooms on everything?

press play: what i’m listening to

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I’ve been listening to music more and more these days, even if it’s the same old stuff I’ve been listening to years. I finally downloaded Spotify so I could listen to new jams on my computer. I used to listen to music when I would walk to work but now that I bike, I don’t really bother! I really have been listening to the same bands since high school. It’s so hard for me to find new, good music these days! I’m just thankful that my favorite bands keep putting out new albums.

Since Spotify has a nice little playlist feature, I thought it might be kind of fun to share some of the stuff that I’m listening to! This week I’m sharing some jams from my high school days. These were the songs that were on repeat and bands that I couldn’t get enough of. My current musical taste developed when I was in 10th grade. My best friend at the time gave me a mix CD that featured songs from Le Tigre, Bright Eyes, Q and Not U, Modest Mouse, and Hot Hot Heat. It basically changed my life! I’m pretty sure I still have the CD hanging around though I’m sure it’s scratched to hell.

Check out some of my favorite songs by listening to my High School playlist below.

Do you still listen to the music you loved when you were a teenager?

Hello 2016



It’s the new year so I’m trying to get everything in my life back on track. I’ve obviously taken quite the hiatus from this blog. Was my last post seriously in July? I had plans, plans and more plans to start this bad boy back up in the fall but they failed, as they so often do.

I’ve never had a great system of keeping track of my life and things I want to do or accomplish but I’m really hoping to change that this year. Less time spent playing silly phone games and more time spent focusing on this blog and, ultimately, my business.

To start the new year off, I uploaded a tutorial and process video over on YouTube. I plan on making a lot more videos this year as it’s something I really enjoy doing and I love watching these types of videos. Win-win! You can check out the video here. Subscribe to my channel if you want to keep up on any new videos I post!

I hope everyone had a great 2015 and a nice start to 2016. My 2015 great up until the end, when I feel on my bike and broke my teeth. Oops! I’m fine, though. I’m looking forward to an awesomely productive 2016.