press play: what i’m watching


4 - Press Play - Movie Monday - Monday

March is here! March is here! I love checking Netflix when a new month rolls around as I can usually find some fun, new things to watch. I’ve actually only watched one thing since March rolled around. I’ve been so busy catching up on letters and I’ve switched to YouTube videos for background noise.

Anyway, here is what I’ve been watching lately.

TV Shows:
► Love – Ugh
I’m always really excited for Netflix original shows but this one was incredibly disappointing. The characters were way annoying to me and I had a very hard time relating to anything that was going on. Granted, I stuck it out and watched the entire season. The ending was so annoying!
► Degrassi: Next Class – Guilty Pleasure
Degrassi is my all-time favorite show in the world. I watched The Next Generation episodes when I was in high school. I have fond memories of sleepovers consisting of watching Degrassi and making Oreo milkshakes. The episodes are outrageous, always, and it’s such beautiful drama. I’m so happy Netflix picked this up! I’m waiting for the Degrassi YouTube channel to put up more episodes from the older seasons. I need it!!
► Mad Men – Meh
I absolutely hated this show when I first started it. Just a bunch of rich, terrible people. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with Peggy and Joan and continued watching. I finished out the season once they put the last few episodes on Netflix. The last season was probably my least favorite; the storytelling was all over the place.
► Better Call Saul – YUS!
I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this show but I love it! I loved Saul in Breaking Bad and it’s fun to watch a show that revolves around him.

► Adult Beginnings – Meh
This wasn’t a terrible movie but it wasn’t anything special. There were some cute moments but it was hard for me to relate to anything that was going on.
► Dope – Awesome
This was such a good movie. I loved the aesthetic. I first thought it was set in the 90s but it was just about a bunch of kids who loved the 90s. Their style was on point!
► Like Sunday, Like Rain – Cute
I love Leighton Meester so I was excited to watch this movie. It’s definitely a cute movie!

If you have watched anything worthwhile on Netflix, please let me know! I would love some recommendations.

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