Incoming, Mail


Phew! I received a lot of mail within the last week. I tackled all but 1 of the replies on Friday night. Now I just have to put them in envelopes.

In this batch of incoming mail, I received mail from 3 new people! One of them I exchanged mail with a few years ago, but it didn’t stick. She is doing LetterMo this month and decided to send me a postcard. It’s so fun to reconnect with mail friends. The other are from two people I met at PDXCC. I sent them both mail first but this is my first time receiving mail from them!





Incoming, Mail


Hooray for incoming mail! I kinda felt like I was drowning in mail this week, even though I only received a few letters. I didn’t have any motivation to reply to letters. I’m pretty sure my goal to reply to letters within a week of receiving them got thrown out the window. It’s not a huge thing, of course, because I am still replying in a fairly timely matter!

As of today, I am caught up on all replies! Although I haven’t checked the mail yet, so that could be a different story in a few hours. I hope to paint and collage few envelopes before I have any more letters to write! I always have a hard time being motivated to write a letter when I know I don’t have anything to send it off in. I have a pretty bad habit of writing letters and then not sending them for weeks. Oops!


Giveaway Win

Incoming, Mail


I won a giveaway on Pamela’s blog awhile ago — check out the awesome things she sent me!



She sent me loads of ephemera. If you check out her blog, you can drool over the variety of paper goods she picks up. San Francisco seems to be the place to be for finding the best collage materials. I’m super excited to start using these bits in collages! I love the yearbook pages; they are always my favorite.


Look at those rubber stamps. I need them all in my collection. Whenever I am looking for rubber stamps, I can never find any cool postal/mail art related ones. I guess I should do my rubber stamp shopping online. Any suggestions?