The First Letter

Mail, Personal

One of my favorite things about sending mail is sending that first letter to someone. It’s so much fun to introduce yourself and your style to a stranger. I also love the first letter because I can send all these little odds and ends, and know that the person is receiving them for the first time. I often feel like I send a lot of the same things to the same people; not on purpose but because I don’t keep a very detailed log of the little things I include with letters.

The only thing I don’t really like doing in a first letter is describing myself. Like most of the population, I’m not too fond of talking about myself. Which is kind of funny because I learning things about other people. You gotta share to get that in return! I’ll get better at it, I promise. I often find that it is easier for me to describe myself using fun lists instead of the typical “My name is Tara, I’m 26 years old. Blah blah blah” description.

I inevitably always end up talking about mail in the first letter to. One of my favorite things to know about my pen pals is their mail story. I want to know how and why you first started sending letters, what your favorite type of letter to send or receive is, and how long they have been sending mail. We all have such different stories when it comes to our involvement with mail!

What is your favorite thing about sending, or receiving, the first letter?