incoming from chewy tulip

Incoming, Mail


A little bit of lovely mail from Cara, aka Chewy Tulip. I’ve blogged about her fun mail before in a Mail Artist Spotlight post. Her style is unique, crazy, and I completely love it.



I especially enjoy all the different ink scribbles and the sparkly bits. I’m not sure where Cara gets her inspiration but I’m thankful to receive bits of her creativity in my mailbox. Her style is so fun and bright! She always includes scribbles and doodles in her letters as well.


In this letter she included bits of heart and circle shaped confetti. I ended up with a bunch of pink hearts all over my floor when I first opened the letter! Oops. I have a really amazing talent of dropping things on the floor and then, when trying to make it so nothing else drops on the floor, I end up dropping everything. This scenario applies to a lot of different situations in my life. My boyfriend calls it “Tara blows it”.

Thanks, Cara, for all the great mail ❤

Mail Artist Spotlight: Supa’flous

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.


I’m super excited to introduce you to Samantha, aka Supa’flous. I met her, in person, at the Portland Correspondence Co-op. We just happened to sit at the same table, and she was there with no prior knowledge of mail art but with a love for sending mail. After the event started, we ended up talking a bit and exchanged stories of how we started sending mail. I told her about mail art and the kinds of things I sent and received in the mail. We ended up exchanging addresses (because that’s what you do!). I sent her the first letter, and I went all out to introduce her to mail art.


She sent me two lovely envelopes in return! Quickly, too. Don’t you just love her little characters? She drew some at the event, and they are so cute! She also sent me that super cool necklace she made. What a generous person!


You should definitely check out Samantha’s website! She also has an Etsy, but it looks like she is on vacation at the moment. I’m sure there will be some super cool things for sale soon!


Incoming, Mail


Phew! I received a lot of mail within the last week. I tackled all but 1 of the replies on Friday night. Now I just have to put them in envelopes.

In this batch of incoming mail, I received mail from 3 new people! One of them I exchanged mail with a few years ago, but it didn’t stick. She is doing LetterMo this month and decided to send me a postcard. It’s so fun to reconnect with mail friends. The other are from two people I met at PDXCC. I sent them both mail first but this is my first time receiving mail from them!




Mail Artist Spotlight: Alyssum and Mudhead

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.

To be honest, I have no idea who these people are. Alyssum and Mudhead sent me this envelope with a couple of drawings and a request for mail art about “seeing good magic”. I assume they found my address through my blog, since the envelope is addressed to Dactyl Life. No matter, I love surprises and mysteries when it comes to mail.


I really enjoy these strange drawings. They are different than what I usually receive in the mail and I love that. I’m much more a fan of the weird or unusual over this trend of “happy mail”. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything I get in the mail! This type of art just appeals to me a bit more.


So, I don’t know anything about these people but I did a bit of Googling (gotta love the internet) and found their blogs. Wherever you are, Alyssum and Mudhead, thank you for the mail! I am sending some good magic mail art your way soon.



Incoming, Mail


Hooray for incoming mail! I kinda felt like I was drowning in mail this week, even though I only received a few letters. I didn’t have any motivation to reply to letters. I’m pretty sure my goal to reply to letters within a week of receiving them got thrown out the window. It’s not a huge thing, of course, because I am still replying in a fairly timely matter!

As of today, I am caught up on all replies! Although I haven’t checked the mail yet, so that could be a different story in a few hours. I hope to paint and collage few envelopes before I have any more letters to write! I always have a hard time being motivated to write a letter when I know I don’t have anything to send it off in. I have a pretty bad habit of writing letters and then not sending them for weeks. Oops!


Mail Artist Spotlight: Courtney C

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.


Courtney is a really nice lady from Australia. I’m not sure how we started writing each other; all I remember is receiving a really lovely letter from Courtney a few years ago. She has really pretty, cursive-like handwriting. She signs her letters “yours in writing” which I always thought was really wonderful.


We had been estranged pen pals for a couple of years but recently reunited via Twitter! She found my Twitter account and added me. I couldn’t believe it! That is a great way the internet aides us letter writers.


Courtney has an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade envelopes. She has a really awesome selection, check it out!

Mail Artist Spotlight: Cara G

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.


Cara is a cool lady from New Jersey. I think we met through the blogsphere. If I recall correctly, she sent me the first letter (because I’m really bad at randomly sending letters to people these days). However we met, I’m happy that I get letter from her in my mailbox!

She has a funky style that I love! Cara’s address labels never fail to cheer me up – look at the hipster kitty cat face. There are always fun doodles on the outside of the envelope, and even better ones in the letter.


Cara has a fun blog and an Etsy shop! You should check them out.

Mail Artist Spotlight: Miss Polly

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight


I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.


I just met Miss Polly in the post but I can already tell she is a super rad lady. I mean, she did send me a dinosaur envelope after all! Polly commented on a blog post awhile back and that’s how we ended up writing each other! I sent off my first letter to her a few weeks ago and she sent me this lovely letter in return. She sent a really fun letter, complete with beautiful handwriting and fun bits and bobs. I’m excited to exchange more mail with her!


We may even have the chance to meet in person soon! I’m hoping to make an appearance at the Portland Correspondence Co-Op, which has it’s first meeting next Tuesday, and Miss Polly might be there.


I don’t believe Miss Polly has a blog but she is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong!

Mail Artist Spotlight: Mermeg

Mail, Mail Artist Spotlight

I receive a lot of amazing things in my mailbox almost daily. I thought it would be nice to feature some beautiful mail art here and there.

Mermeg is the best! I don’t know how else to describe her. Her name is Megan but she loves mermaids so she goes by Mermeg in the post. She’s a rad chick living in Wisconsin and sends the best mail. Her collages are always fun, and she always includes something special with her letters. I feel like it’s Christmas every time I get a letter from her!

This is a special spotlight because I just hung out with Megan on New Year’s Day. We’ve hung out twice before but only for an hour or so each time. This time we got to hang out for hours! We had planned to check out SCRAP but they were closed due to the holiday. We headed up to Collage instead; a little bit pricer (ok, a lot) but it was open! We also watched Making Mail together and a bunch of mail art videos on YouTube. We yelled at the TV like we were watching our favorite sports team play. There really isn’t anything better than sharing your hobby with someone who is as passionate about it as you are. It was a blast and I’m so happy we had the chance to hang!

Megan doesn’t have a blog but you can check out her profile on Sendsomething! Send her some mermaids!!

Here is what I picked up at Collage!


Mail In Review


I ended up not sending a lot of mail in 2014, and didn’t receive much because of that! This year has been the longest time I’ve been living in one place since 2011! I have no excuse for being such a flake. I didn’t send any Postcrossing postcards this year, and took forever to reply to my pals.

But, you know what, I received such fantastic mail. It’s never the quantity; always the quality. It is a great mail year even if I just receive one thing in my mailbox. That being said, I will always love keeping track of all my incoming and outgoing mail!

In 2014 I…

► Sent 82 letters and 3 postcards

► Received 88 letters and 23 postcards

Thank you to all the fabulous people who spent time to send me something beautiful!


I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. I’ve never really been a goal-making person but there are a few things I definitely want to focus on this year.

► Send more mail (obviously). More specifically, I want to get back into Postcrossing again. I also want to set a standard for myself to reply to every letter I receive within a week.

► Less Netflix, more learning. If I’m at home, I’m usually always playing a show or movie through Netflix on my TV. Earlier this year, I started learning programming and German. Unfortunately, there isn’t much room to have two different things playing at once, and it is hard to learn if you have something else talking at you in the background! It’s one or the other and I chose learning!

► Start a paper journal. I used to journal allll the time when I was a teenager. I love going through my old journals but I just don’t do it anymore! I’ll start one but never keep up with it.

365 photo project. I read Kaylah’s post on her takeaway from doing the project this year and I’m convinced I need to get in on this. I’m sure I’ll forget some days but it’s more important to me to take more photos rather than take a photo every day.

Do you have any goals for 2015?