oregon coast







Recently I took a trip out to the coast with my boyfriend. It was a little extended weekend trip but it was really nice to get away. We didn’t really plan out anything besides the hotel. We were just winging it!

The Oregon coast is so beautiful. It’s unlike any other beach area I’ve ever been to. The forest basically comes right up to the beach and it’s breathtaking. And the fog! I love the fog.

We tried to check out Thor’s Well but the tide was low so it was basically a hole in the ground with some water at the bottom. Nothing like the photos I had seen of it! We also tried to go to the sea lion caves but the sea lions were out in the ocean. Boo! This is why you should plan things, guys.




Before we left, we went to a little pond area to do some fishing. I spent the time taking photos of the area and the sunset. I loved the cotton candy clouds!

On our way home, we stopped by a little aquarium and had a fun time. We weren’t planning on stopping in but I saw a sign from the highway and thought it would be a nice to check out. They have a part where you walk through a tunnel that is surrounded by water and sharks swimming overhead. I wasn’t too excited about that bit!

I really love taking short trips to explore areas outside of Portland. I hope to take more trips in 2016!